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Fri, 10 Feb 2012 11:48:56 GMT | By Bertan Budak
10 signs she is cheating on you

She's more secretive

She's more secretive (© Getty Images)
  • 10 signs she is cheating on you
  • She has a mysterious new friend (© Getty Images)
  • She acts powerful (© Getty Images)
  • She becomes moody (© Getty Images)
  • She puts more effort into her looks (© Getty Images)
  • She sleeps with you less often (© Getty Images)
  • She's more secretive (© Getty Images)
  • She acts more distant/detaches herself from you (© Getty Images)
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According to Spalton, if your partner becomes increasingly secretive out of the blue it's one of the obvious signs she's got something to hide. He says: "She has her phone on silent vibrate and carries it with her all the time. She gets up when you're both watching television in the evening to go to the loo and takes her phone with her. She seems ages and gets agitated if you ask her if everything is all right."