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Tue, 28 Jan 2014 09:00:00 GMT
How to be great on a date

Make yourself feel good

Make yourself feel good (© Rex Features)
  • How to be great on a date (© Getty Images)
  • Self talk (© Rex Features)
  • What'€™s your agenda? (© Rex Features)
  • Work on your inner beauty (© Rex Features)
  • Make yourself feel good (© Rex Features)
  • Don'€™t put yourself down (© Rex Features)
  • Boost your confidence (© Rex Features)
  • Don'€™t give the game away (© Rex Features)
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Once you've worked on your inner confidence, don'€™t undermine this by not dressing for success. Wear things that make you feel confident and sexy. Also, spend time on yourself. Go to the hairdressers and the gym. Go for a massage and eat the right food. It sounds simple, but most of us just don'€™t do it. Looking after yourself tells you€“ and everybody else - that you have respect for yourself.