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Frenchman hitchhikes 100,000 miles around the world in last five-and-half years

Jeremy Marie has done the extraordinary, the Frenchman hitchhiked around the world and completed his journey in 5.5 years.

Frenchman hitchhikes 100,000 miles around the world in last five-and-half years (© Reuters)

A 29-year-old Frenchman returned to Paris after completing his 112,282-mile hitchhiking trek around the world in 5.5 years. He had set off from his hometown in France in October 2007.

Jeremy Marie said when he started, he was looking for the feeling of freedom and felt excited.

According to a media report, Marie said it was quite difficult to break with everything, to get free. It’s something he had looked for a long time.

Marie is a budget-conscious globetrotter. He hitchhiked the whole time, not paying once for transportation. In total he spent just 18,000 dollars during the whole trip.

He said he met some really weird people, adding that sometimes he left a car because he felt awkward, more than it being a dangerous situation.

He never paid for any of the 1,752 rides he was given, which included travelling by car, boat, plane and even a donkey.

Instead, Marie depended on the kindness of strangers. He spent about 18,000 dollars on food, shelter and gear during almost 2,000 days of travel through 71 countries and territories.

Only once did Marie stop to make money, spending three months in Australia waiting tables and refilling his bank account, the report said.

He spent the most time in the United States, travelling six months throughout the country, even making it up through Canada and to Alaska, it added.


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