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Tricks to throw memorable yet money-saving marriage

If spending too much of moolah on your wedding worries you, try some smart money-saving tips

Tricks to throw memorable yet money-saving marriage (© Getty Images)

Los Angeles: Here are some ways to not let the wedding expenditure burn a hole in your pocket, reports Huffingtonpost.

1. Marry during the off-season: Hotels and popular wedding destinations generally lower their prices during the non-traditional wedding season. This can help you get the best of the venue at a reasonable price rate.

2. Marriage during holiday season: If you decide to marry during the holiday season, chances are that you will already have churches and other venues pre-decorated.

3. Skip things that are insignificant: If certain things are not a must-have on your list, you can always chuck them off. For instance, a three-tier cake or a skyscraper-like centre-piece.

4. Buy in bulk: Discounts are usually given to larger purchases of candy, liquor or other materials required for wedding.

5. Have your ceremony and reception at the same venue: A lot of money spent in transportation and location can be saved if you have your wedding and the reception at the same place. For example, the wedding ceremony can be outdoor and the reception can be indoor.

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