Updated: Tue, 10 Sep 2013 08:15:00 GMT | By Hugh Wilson

Do men like women who flash the flesh?

Most people think so, but there’s plenty of evidence to the contrary...

Rihanna [FilmMagic-Getty Images] (© FilmMagic-Getty Images)

Hot pants, mini skirts, exposed midriffs, side boobs...Mmmm.

Erm, ahem, splutter. Apologies. No, you haven’t interrupted one of our regular afternoon naps.

No, we’ve been pondering this male fantasy list of female fashions for perfectly sound scientific reasons.

Because the latest study says men don’t go for flesh baring females at all.

Can it be true? We spend longer than strictly necessary searching for an answer.

Men like demure

According to new research, poor old Rihanna wouldn’t have much of a chance with the average bloke (we bet she’s gutted). And if Kylie approached us in the kind of mini skirt that showed her famously pert bottom to best effect many of us would compliment her on a fine body of work but suggest she keep her other body more modestly under wraps.

At least, that’s what you might conclude from a study which found that while 31 percent of men liked a revealing dresser, 54 percent said they preferred a woman in “classy” attire.

And what do they mean by classy? Well, according to the poll, 45 percent prefer a woman in the sort of styles popularised by the demure Duchess of Cambridge (though not in those French magazine photos).

In other words, we like women to leave, well, pretty much everything to our imaginations. Who on earth would have thought that?

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