Fri, 27 Apr 2012 08:15:32 GMT

Top 10 reasons behind bedroom wars revealed

Researchers have shed light on a host of annoyances couples face when they’re between the sheets, with nabbing the duvet emerging as the biggest bone of contention.

Top 10 reasons behind bedroom wars revealed

According to the survey, an average couple bickers in the bedroom 167 times a year. Besides yanking the duvet from each other during the night, the second reason for a night-time squabble is the age-old of problem of snoring. One in ten couples claim to have an argument over the nightly affliction at least twice a week - with over half of respondents blaming men as the worst culprits for snoring.

However 39 per cent said both sexes were as bad as each other, according to the poll by hotel chain Premier Inn to coincide with National Snoring Week. Other bedroom disputes include whingeing about being too hot, allowing the kids to sleep in the bed and not being 'in the mood'. "Our research shows most of the arguments couples have in the bedroom are down to habits that are easy to resolve as a relationship develops," the Daily Mail quoted Claire Haigh, of Premier Inn, as saying.

"We conducted this research to coincide with National Stop Snoring Week and the findings discovered that a lot of people are seriously affected by snoring and hogging the duvet. "People suffer from snoring to varying degrees and the research shows how something like snoring can impact on our day to day lives especially if one person in the relationship is missing out on much needed sleep."

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