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Ten tips for safe sex

If you plan to take your relationship to the next level, here are some things you must keep in mind.

Ten tips for safe sex

Relationships may begin, relationships may end, but one relationship that has endured over the years has been the one between love and sex. Attraction and affection usually lead to more, and while how far you want to take your relationship is completely your business, we would like to share some important tips in case you are planning to go all the way. Because when it comes to sex, safer is not just smarter, it's also better.

1. Talking sex

No, we don't mean dirty talk as a type of foreplay. If you're planning to have intercourse with your partner for the first time, it's important you discuss a few things with your partner first. Topics like - How many sexual partners have you had before? Have you been tested for STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections)? If yes, how long back was it? Is this a committed, exclusive relationship? Before you take the step of having sex, it's essential that you're both on the same page.

2. The mighty condom

Whether you're doing it for the first time, or are experienced, a condom is the best protection you can provide yourself. It not only protects you from unwanted pregnancies, but also from STIs, some of which like HIV/AIDS can be deadly. Also, use only one condom at a time. Wearing two condoms together is actually quite harmful.

3. Lubricated condoms rule

For intercourse, always pick a lubricated condom. Not only does the lubrication prevent breakage, it's also easier and more comfortable to put on. Besides, more lubrication only enhances the experience for the receiving party.

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