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11 dos and don’ts for dating online

For years, online dating seemed to carry a stigma around with it and couples who met online told edited versions of their “how we met” story. But now, as people are spending more time than ever connecting online, looking for and meeting a potential mate online has become a normal part of our everyday lives.

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11 dos and don’ts for dating online

Don't get seduced in online "shopping"

One of the most dramatic good news/bad news scenarios of Internet dating is that there are just so many options. If you do find somebody who you think may be a keeper, both of you can agree to take your profiles off the Internet, allowing for a more normalised dating environment. Both of you always know that you can resurrect your profiles if things don't work out.

Don't rely on humour or sexual innuendo

You never know how strangers will interpret something as individual and personal as humour. Senses of humour can differ greatly depending on a person's gender, age, culture, mood, ethnicity, or the context in which the humour is used. Given the fact that you're not going to be privy to most of this upfront, it's best to err on the side of safety by being as straightforward as possible. You can be charming and witty, but be careful of innuendo or humour until you have eyeball-to-eyeball contact. That way, you can look each other in the eye and make sure that what you're saying is going over the right way.

Above all, you should remember this:

Like dating outside in the 'real world,' online dating should be fun! It should be about finding someone who shares your goals, values, and interests. Play it smart but keep an open mind. In the end, it doesn't matter how you met your Mr. or Ms. Right. It only matters that you did!


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