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5 rules for a threesome


5 rules for a threesome

Talk of threesome and all the men around you go crazy with fantasy. It’s the highest order in the fantasy list of every hot-blooded male. And, there’s information readily available on how to organize for threesome and what follows into a ménage a trio is the art of handling a delectable, and potentially sticky, sexual situation. So we bring you the top 5 rules of the game.

Rule No 1. Establish the rules

You're going to have sex with two women and all three of you have your own rules and limits, so understanding and respecting one another's comfort levels should be a top priority when you're establishing your threesome rules.

Rule No 2. Lead the way

A threesome can have awkward moments if you’re confident and don’t stay in control. As well, some guys are a little apprehensive about taking control, so it’s up to the fairer sex to lead the way.

Rule No 3. Give equal attention

While it’s okay to spend a few minutes enjoying without having to perform on the other man in the room, you do need to keep in mind that leaving someone out for an extended period of time is bad threesome etiquette.

Rule No 4. Be safe

It’s very easy to go into the throes of pleasure and forget all about safe sex. But safe sex is an absolute must have. Keep condoms lying around at arm’s reach, so that you really don’t have to stretch that extra mile.

Rule No 5. Enjoy every moment of it

Oh yes…we would put this in the numero uno rule! A ménage a trios is every man’s fantasy and it’s very easy to climax with all that action happening. We say, dude, take it nice and slow. Learn to pace yourself. And don't get so excited that you lose track of the your partners: All three of you should be sexually satisfied and, even if you achieve climax first, you must do everything you can to bring your two partners to orgasm.

A word of advice: A threesome isn’t a relationship. This means that the third person shouldn't sleep over. It may look appealing, just in case, you may want a repeat performance, but prolonging a threesome is a recipe for total disaster. You've had fun, but it's only pleasure and experimentation.

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