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Unleash your inner sex goddess


Unleash your inner sex goddess

By Mystic Minx

Being a sex goddess is hard work…and not only is it constant work, it takes time, it takes planning and determination. When’s the last time you took the time to unleash the sex goddess trapped in you. Took a sensuous shower, pampered yourself with barely there lingerie, and seduced a man with every trick in the book…so much so that you just about had him worshipping the very ground that you glided on!

Take charge...Show off your body

Show off how sexual you are! Unleash the sex goddess in you. Instead of him being the master player, take over the baton and show him how to orchestra every move…isn’t that what Kamasutra is all about?

You play games

Who says games are for children? Well, they aren’t. Sex is supposed to be a whole lot of fun. The more you are in a mood to play, the higher you’ll be rated. Role playing, fantasies, blindfolding, bondage…from drab to going kinky, then you can be assured, you are one girl that’s on your partner’s mind all the while.  

Foreplay lasts twice as long as intercourse

It’s not only women who enjoy the foreplay, but men too get off on foreplay. The little feathery kisses and touches, a nail trailing down their wrist, a nibble on their pulse…is enough to drive him out of his sense. Play it cool and play it to the hilt. I say, hold the reins and play him till he worships you as his own goddess.

Read my lips

Source: India Syndicate


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