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Online matchmaking, a hope for millions of unmarried Chinese

Unmarried Chinese youngsters are increasingly signing on to online matchmaking services to find true love.

Online matchmaking, a hope for millions of unmarried Chinese (© Reuters)

Faced with growing family pressure to get married, youngsters in China are increasingly turning to matrimonial alliance websites in a bid to find out a suitable life partner through online search.

Li Fei, 28, is one such person who daily logs on to an online dating platform, hoping to find his ideal life partner. He chats with young women online, and sends messages to those he is interested in.

"I'm still looking for my true love. I get many messages once I post something interesting on my profile. I realised it's not so difficult to make friends online," says Li, an engineer from Beijing.

With the development of matchmaking sites on the Internet, more and more Chinese are turning to such websites since these enables them to filter the requirements for their ideal partner, China Daily reported.

"I have more choices online and feel more relaxed," said Zhang Xiaomo, 26, a magazine editor from Beijing. "The services are all free, and I don't feel like I am a merchandise for sale."

Like others, she often uploads her pictures, writes down her feelings, and browses to see whether there are suitable young men.

She gets many online messages and chats with some of them. "Even if some are not suitable as lovers, we can still be friends," she said.

According to a report about published in December 2012, there were 249 million unmarried Chinese above the age of 18, and men were more anxious than women to get into dating, relationship and marriage.

According to Wan Qi, product manager of a matrimonial site NetEase Huatian, the criteria for most is not just about whether the potential mate has the right jobs and properties, but also to observe similar lifestyle and values.


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