Updated: Mon, 02 Sep 2013 14:00:00 GMT | By Hugh Wilson, Ed Soluk

Are men childish?

A new survey says men are immature! We’re throwing a tantrum about it.

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We’ve all been called childish by partners or parents a few times over the years, and long after we’d reached the age of (physical) adulthood.

(In my case I have the perfect riposte. I throw something at the wall and then go sit in my room for an hour. That shows them!)

But according to new research both men and women agree that most blokes fail to become truly adult until well into their fifth decade.

So what’s the deal here? Are men the childish gender? We hold back a tantrum just long enough to investigate.

Men are immature

According to the study - for Nickelodeon - both genders reckon men don’t mature fully until the age of 43, which is 11 years later than women.

One in four male respondents admitted they were immature, while only half the number of women labelled themselves in the same way.

And to top it all, eight out of 10 women believed many men never truly grow up, and are happy to break wind, eat dodgy fast food and play video games into the early hours at just about any age.

In what ways are men immature?

Those three were some of the top bugbears identified by the survey. Others included driving too fast, playing loud music, sniggering at rude words, playing practical jokes, not being able to cook even simple meals and staying silent during an argument.

This childish behaviour has consequences for our relationships. The survey found that three in 10 women have ended a relationship because they lost patience with their partner’s immaturity. Nearly half of women said they’d had relationships where they’d had to mother their men a bit too much.

On average, the women reported that they had to tell their men to “act their age” around 14 times a year.

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