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Hair and skin care for Holi by Dr Rashmi Shetty

This Holi, be prepared and protect your hair from chemicals with advice from our experts.

Hair and skin care for Holi by Dr Rashmi Shetty

This Holi, be prepared and protect your hair from chemicals with advice from our experts.

Holi is just round the corner, and we are sure you have your pichkaris and colours ready! Below are some useful tips from Dr Rashmi Shetty that will help you protect your hair and skin from the colours and harsh water this Holi:

Hair care for Holi

A coconut based hair oil massage for your hair before you go out to play Holi is an absolute must. Applying coconut based hair oil to your hair acts as a barrier and prevents colours from coming in direct contact with hair and will lessen the damage.

Coconut oil achieves up to 90 percent hair penetration right through to the cortex, thus forming a protective layer around your hair, preventing it from the damaging effects of not only colour, but heat and dirt, because the molecules are arranged in a linear fashion and light chained. Therefore, it can pass through the outer cuticle.

Since coconut oil is very light, a single wash with shampoo will remove the unwanted extra grease, unlike other oils which may require multiple shampooing and thus result in dry hair.

Wear a hair-band/scarf or a bandana around your head to protect your hair from getting tangled or damaged due to artificial colour.

Wash your hair with plain water so that most of the color comes off. Then use a mild shampoo. It is a possible for the color to remain on the scalp. Do not panic, it may take a day or so to fade away. In such situations, be careful not to wash your hair twice on the same day, it can cause your hair to become drier. If you feel your hair is becoming dry, massage your hair strands and roots with coconut oil regularly before shampooing your hair.

Preferably, tie up your hair while playing Holi. Open hair tends to tangle and damage your hair even more. You can don a fashionable side braid or a side ponytail.

Skin care for Holi

Do not forget to moisturise your skin well before you set out to play Holi. This will help in removing the colour from your skin more easily. Natural ingredient based moisturisers like coconut based moisturisers are good for your skin.

Do not just moisturise your face, moisturising your entire body is important.

Quick bath post Holi is important so that the colours get off your skin easily. Post bath moisturisation is important to keep your skin soft and supple.

Since your skin is already exposed to the chemicals from colours make sure you do not bathe in too hot water. Don't irritate your skin more.

Do not forget to apply sunscreen before you step out to play Holi. It’s hot summers out there.

Below are a few beauty tips for Holi from the celebs:

Beauty ritual before playing Holi

Deepika Padukone

Protecting my hair from the chemicals of colours and harsh water is a prerequisite during Holi. I like to pamper and protect my hair with coconut based hair oil. I prefer a tied hair style like a side braid when I am off to play Holi. Also, I try my best to use organic colours as they are environment friendly and do not damage my hair or skin.

Anushka Sharma

Before stepping out to play Holi, a must do ritual for me is massaging my hair with coconut based hair oil. It gets absorbed in the hair strands as well as the roots and acts as a shield, protecting my hair from the harsh colours. Just because its holi, it does not mean I don’t style my hair. The side braid which is in these days, so it is my go-to-do hairstyle. It looks chic and suits any face cut.

One-on-one with Anushka Sharma

Nargis Fakhri

My non-negotiable ritual before I go to play holi is gently massaging the roots and strands of my hair in circular motion with coconut based hair oil. It provides the necessary nourishment and protects my hair from all the harmful synthetic chemicals that the colours bring with them. Style your tresses with some quick hair dos this holi. From Boho-chic to quirky, experiment with your hairstyle. If you love your fringes leave them on the side by tying rest of your hair in a sleek pony tail. Accessorize your hairstyles with funky hair bands or pin top clips.

Nargis Fakhri’s hair care tips for the monsoon

Dr Rashmi Shetty holds an MBBS degree from Mysore University, FRSH London, Diploma in Cosmetology, Chester, United Kingdom. She currently practices in Mumbai and has in the past trained under famed plastic surgeon, Dr K S Shekhar.

Photographs by sxc.hu and Creative commons by Nikolas Becker 

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