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Importance of brushing your teeth at night

Have you ever thought of your teeth as 32 pearly whites protecting the major gateway to your body? If not, then we highly recommend that you do!

Importance of brushing your teeth at night

It is important that you keep your mouth germfree, free from cavities and infections. And night brushing is one of the best ways to have a cavity-free mouth. It is so important that you should think of night brushing as one of the best gifts you can give to your teeth and gums.

Why is brushing at night important?

Well, most of us eat or munch on some food or the other throughout the day. So, if you go to bed without brushing at night, a lot of small food particles remain stuck in between your teeth and these may cause cavities. Here is an interesting fact – the bacteria in your mouth never sleep, not even a wink. In fact, they become more active when the levels of saliva, the natural protector in your mouth, become low.

Only morning brushing means your mouth would have double the amount of bacteria at night (while sleeping). These bacteria remain in the mouth long enough to act on our teeth which will eventually lead to cavities. The cavities in turn will lead to pain and discomfort, along with decay in the tooth.

Always use a toothbrush

It is also important that you use a brush and not your fingers to clean your teeth. Imagine how difficult it is to clean a hairbrush with fingers. In the same way, cleaning your teeth with just fingers is impossible as they will never reach the interdental area. So the bottom line is that a good toothbrush is as important as brushing itself.

Make a schedule

If you are one of those who think that brushing at night is a laborious task, make a schedule for yourself. As brushing your teeth in the night is as important as getting the specified hours of your beauty sleep, you might as well push yourself to do it. If you are a TV buff, try brushing in between commercials. Make a note on your calendar or set an alarm for night brushing so that you don’t miss out. A few days later, you will no longer need the alarm and brushing at night will become a routine.

Eating before going to bed

Eating just before going to bed is a bad idea and if you’ve already brushed your teeth, then all your efforts just went down the drain! Do not give in to temptation and munch on something as you watch a  late night show on television. And if you do, make sure you brush your teeth again.

Dentists opine that to maintain a good oral hygiene, night brushing is more important than brushing during the day. So, starting today, brush your teeth every night!


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