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Post-sex cuddle preferred by women to sex itself

When it comes to getting physically intimate, foreplay is just a start; it's what comes after sex that matters most to women, according to a new study.

Post-sex cuddle preferred by women to sex itself

In a survey involving more than 5,600 Japanese women, almost 50 percent of the respondents revealed that they wanted longer continuation of intimate interactions with their partner after sex.

In contrast to 44 percent said that they wanted longer foreplay, while 38 percent of women said they wanted longer actual intercourse.

Despite this 38.8 percent said that they had never discussed their favourite sex practices with their partner.

"Women consider longer foreplay and after play to be more important," the NZPA quoted the study as saying. "Suggesting women would benefit by being more forthright in expressing their sexual desires to their partners."

Furthermore, over 30 percent of the women had rated their partners performance in bed as either 'very selfish' (6.9 percent), or 'selfish' (25.5 percent).

The new study is published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Source: ANI

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