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Sula Vineyards launches 'SAMARA'


Sula Vineyards launches 'SAMARA'

Sula Vineyards now presents India's latest product - Samara; Red & White wines produced at Sula's state of the art winery at Nashik. Samara is made from a blend of classic as well as local Indian grape varieties.

We rate Samara as a good drinkable wine as it is young and fruity.

Samara is Sula's gift to the consumer in today's market. Table wines are catching up in India at a fast pace and Samara is the perfect blend of great taste and amazing price. It doesn't wallet too hard and is a superior wine.

The red & white wine has 14.5% alcohol and the bottles are compact and beautifully packaged. Ideal with hearty Indian cuisine; Samara is light on your palate and should ideally be served slightly chilled.

Available in 750 ml bottles, Samara is very attractively priced at an MRP of Rs.150/- only per bottle, making them affordable for everyday enjoyment.

Source: India Syndicate

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