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World's Best Father? A fun family photo album

Alice finds the cookies

Alice finds the cookies (© Dave Engledow)
  • Alice finds the cookies (© Dave Engledow)
  • Alice Round - 3 (© Dave Engledow)
  • Alice - flexibility class (© Dave Engledow)
  • Alice - eat all your food! (© Dave Engledow)
  • Dad changing nappies (© Dave Engledow)
  • Everything in the water (© Dave Engledow)
  • I'll help you, Dad! (© Dave Engledow)
  • Lovely breakfast toast (© Dave Engledow)
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What better way to celebrate Father's Day than with this fun photo gallery of work byDave Engledow, an American photographer with a major in photojournalism from Texas University? His project 'World’s Best Father' is a quirky and interesting parody on 'careless fathers', in which he stars with his daughter Alice Bee and his wife Jen. The pictures have been a hit all over the internet.

Dave lives in Washington DC with his wife, his daughter and two cats.

Where did you draw inspiration to take those pictures for World´s Best Father?

I was inspired to create the first World's Best Father image when Alice Bee was about 6 weeks old. I wanted to create an image that captured how sleep-deprived and oblivious I felt, and to create an image that poked fun at how clueless new fathers can sometimes feel.  So I set up a shot where I was half asleep, absent-mindedly pouring her milk into my coffee cup.  At the last minute, I thought the shot would be funnier if the mug had a slogan like "World's Best Father", so I bought the mug for this shot.  After receiving a lot of positive feedback from my friends and family, I began shooting more images featuring the clueless dad, the baby, and the mug as a way to play out my own fears and worries about fatherhood.  I guess my thinking is that if I can just make sure to not do the actions depicted in the photos in real life, I'll probably be doing OK as a father.

In your opinion, who is the best father these days?

I'm no expert on fatherhood, but I'd like to think that the best father is the one that lets his child know that no matter what, he or she is and always will be loved.  

Tell us about the moment you started taking those pictures of your daughter.

I began taking photographs of Alice from the minute she was born, and I haven't stopped since.  

Which is your aim with this project?

My goal from the start has been to create something unique for Alice Bee--I wanted her to have a photo album of her childhood that was different from anything anyone else has.  When I began posting these pictures to Facebook for my friends and family, I had no idea that they would someday be seen by millions of people around the world. I hope to keep documenting her life and making humorous photos with her as long as she'll let me. 

What is the production for these pictures like? We know that your wife, Jen, is involved in it.

For most of the shots, I have the camera on a tripod and I shoot each part of the scene separately and then merge the images together in Photoshop.  I shoot myself first, and then we bring Alice Bee into the scene. My wife Jen assists with many of the photos - making sure that Alice Bee is always safe and having fun.  We have the most success getting Alice to participate when we try to make it into a game for her, but we do often have to resort to bribes (fruit snacks) to get her to pose.  The most important thing is to have a lot of patience, and to take a break if Alice gets cranky.  

Could you tell us anything about Alice?

Alice is amazing.  She is independent, curious, and strong-willed.  Most importantly, she has a wonderful sense of humor.  She laughs a lot and she enjoys making others laugh, too.  My dream is that as she gets older, she will become a partner in the photography - the two of us coming up with ideas together for new images.

Some countries are celebrating Father’s Day this month. Would you send us a message to all MSN’s father followers?

To all the fathers out there - don't forget to have fun and take lots of pictures.  Find a camera you like, and try to always have it with you - you never know when that son or daughter of yours is going to do something impossibly cute or funny.

Click through the gallery to see all the hilarious situations - some of them might even feel familiar...

If you want to learn more about Dave Engledow's project, find it at www.facebook.com/EngledowArtPhotography.