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Unseen North Korea

North Korea in pictures

North Korea in pictures (© Juliet Rix)
  • North Korea in pictures (© Juliet Rix)
  • Singing lesson in North Korea (© Juliet Rix)
  • Propaganda in North Korea (© Juliet Rix)
  • Statues of Kim II-sung and Kim Jong-il (© Juliet Rix)
  • Fun in the capital (© Juliet Rix)
  • Volunteering in North Korea (© Juliet Rix)
  • North Koreans enjoying their time off (© Juliet Rix)
  • A North Korean lady in traditional dress (© Juliet Rix)
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North Korea is better known for the bellicose rhetoric of its government than as a tourist destination, but it is surprisingly easy to visit. A trip to the world’s last closed communist state offers a peek into the past of the Soviet Union and communist China as well as a glimpse of a unique culture behind a very current iron curtain. It can be enjoyable as well as fascinating and is no more dangerous than many much more popular destinations.

Getting there

British-run Koryo Tours has been taking tourists into North Korea for two decades without incident and guarantees your tour fees back if the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises against travel to the country (which it has never happened yet). Tours start from Beijing, flying into Pyongyang and returning by train (except for Americans who have to fly). You cannot travel independently into North Korea.

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