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UNESCO's danger list

It might be the last chance to see certain UNESCO World Heritage sites

UNESCO danger list (© REX/Chen Duo)
  • UNESCO danger list (© REX/Chen Duo)
  • UNESCO danger list (© Belize Tourist Board)
  • Decani Monastery, Kosovo (© REX/Design Pics Inc)
  • UNESCO danger list (© Paul Thompson/Getty Images)
  • UNESCO danger list (© National Park Service)
  • UNESCO danger list (© Turismo Chile)
  • UNESCO danger list (© REX/Chen Duo)
  • UNESCO danger list (© Danita Delimont/Getty Images)
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From protected churches to endangered ecosystems and listed city centres, there are over 900 designated UNESCO World Heritage sites scattered across the world. You’d be forgiven for thinking that once a place has been awarded heritage status it will be preserved for ever, but you’d be wrong.

UNESCO also has a danger list of 44 properties that are under threat from development, climate change, warfare and both environmental and human interference.

The danger list hit the headlines earlier this year when WWF-Australia’s Richard Leck named it “the list of shame” after it was revealed that the Great Barrier Reef is losing its coral at a terrifying rate and could be on the list by 2014 and once again this month when archaelogists voiced concerns that the world's only surviving Bronze Age metropolis in Pakistan is being corroded. 

And it isn’t only the usual suspects of rainforests and reefs that are in danger - from Liverpool’s Maritime Mercantile City to The Everglades in Florida, we’ve selected ten properties from the list that might not be around long enough for the future generations of travellers to see.