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The world's weirdest themed restaurants

The world's weirdest themed restaurants

Barbie-themed café in Taiwan (© SAM YEH-AFP-Getty Images)
  • Barbie-themed café in Taiwan (© SAM YEH-AFP-Getty Images)
  • Toilet Food (© JOE TAN-Newscom-RTR)
  • Hospital food (© Nicky Loh-Newscom-RTR)
  • Dinner in the sky (© SEBASTIEN PIRLET-Newscom-RTR)
  • The Pale Blue Door (© TOBIAS SCHWARZ-Newscom)
  • Cat cafe (© Getty Images)
  • Robot Restaurant (© SHENG LI-Newscom-RTR)
  • Dog in cafe (© Action Press-Rex Features)
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Fancy dining somewhere a little different tonight? How about trying one of these weird and wonderful restaurants…

You could imagine a restaurant reviewer calling them garish and tasteless - and that’s before they've even eaten anything – but this crop of eateries certainly know how to treat foodies to an experience out of the ordinary.

Take the Barbie-themed café in Taiwan, featuring pink, pink and more pink.

Diners sit on hot-pink sofas, waitresses wear Barbie sticker armbands and the Barbie-themed food and drink includes macaroons, iced biscuits, sundaes and cakes.

But is this the weirdest themed restaurant in the world? Not by a long shot. Here are some of the other contenders.