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The world’s most jaw-droppingly expensive dresses

Princess Diana’s dress

Expensive dress (© Murray Sanders/Daily Mail/Rex Features)
  • Expensive dress (© Murray Sanders/Daily Mail/Rex Features)
  • Marilyn Monroe’s little white dress, 1955 (© Getty Images)
  • Grace Kelly’s Oscars dress, 1955 (© Getty Images)
  • Kate Middleton’s wedding dress (© Toby Melville/Newscom/RTR)
  • Simin Haute Couture’s €22 million wedding dress (© Peter Brooker/Rex Features)
  • Debbie Wingham’s £3.5 million dress (© Associated Press)
  • Geri Halliwell’s Union Jack BRITs dress (© Richard Young/Rex Features)
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The thought of spending €280,000 on a single frock brings us out in a bit of a nervous sweat.

But that’s exactly what one extravagant shopper did at an auction of dresses worn by Princess Diana, spending the incredible sum on the midnight-blue velvet gown that Di wore when she danced with John Travolta at the White House in 1985.

Surprisingly, the item sold for less than the estimated selling price (an incredible €350,000), but still - €280k is a pretty crazy amount to blow on just one dress.

So, in honour of Diana’s money-making dresses, we’ve taken a (very envious) look at the most expensive frocks ever made in the gallery above.

Yesterday’s collection of Princess Diana dresses fetched a grand total of almost €1,100,000 – pretty staggering, but nowhere near the total raised by another auction of Diana’s dresses.

A collection of 14 frocks worn by the Princess – including the three pictured above – were snapped up by US business woman Maureen Dunkel in 1997 for €1.1 million. Maureen unfortunately went bankrupt three years later and the collection was re-sold at auction for just under €2.3 million.