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The unluckiest men of all time

The world's unluckiest men

The world's unluckiest men (© Various - MSN)
  • The world's unluckiest men (© Various - MSN)
  • Tsutomu Yamaguchi (© ASSOCIATED PRESS)
  • Human lightning conductor (© Getty Images)
  • Jason Cairns-Lawrence (© CHARLES SYKES/Rex Features)
  • Calamity John - Britain's unluckiest man (© Ocean/Corbis)
  • Erik Norrie (© Getty Images)
  • Frane Selak - lucky or unlucky? (© Sipa Press/Rex Features)
  • John Wade Agan (© Getty Images)
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Do you think of yourself as an unlucky person? Many people curse their luck after missing a train, or failing on the lottery once again. These men take the biscuit when it comes to misfortune, so next time you ask yourself ‘why me?’ count your blessings that you're not as unlucky as them.

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