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The extreme things men have done for love

The extreme things men have done for love

Operating theatre (© Zhang yi hn-Imaginechina)
  • Operating theatre (© Zhang yi hn-Imaginechina)
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Gordon Henry and Joanne Macfarlane separated 20 years ago.

The couple had just had a son but Gordon, by his own admission, wasn’t ready for the pressures of fatherhood. They split when their son was just three months old.

Fast forward 20 years and Gordon is a changed man. And when he heard about Joanne’s failing health, he did one thing that he hoped would make amends for his earlier behaviour. He donated his kidney to save her life.

The couple have now reunited, love blossoming afresh after Gordon’s display of courage and kindness. So what else have men done for love? Down the ages, the answer is really quite a lot.

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