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The art of tribal tattoos

Popular tribal tattoo designs

Popular tribal tattoo designs (© Rex Features)
  • Popular tribal tattoo designs (© Rex Features)
  • Mike Tyson (© Rex Features)
  • A Celtic tattoo (© Rex Features)
  • A man with Samoan tattoos (© Rex Features)
  • Man displaying Japanese tattoos (© Rex Features)
  • Man with Polynesian tattoos (© Rex Features)
  • Man posing with Hawaiian tattoos (© Rex Features)
  • Man getting inked (© Rex Features)
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In an age where most of the male population is sporting a tattoo of some kind or another, we decided to take a deeper look into the popularity of the most popular form of body art – the tribal tattoo. Largely popular with men because the lines accentuate the male physique, check out 15 places where tribal tattoos originated.