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Royal baby: what role will a nanny play?

Barbara Barnes

Barbara Barnes and Prince William (© ASSOCIATED PRESS)
  • Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge (© REUTERS)
  • The Prince of Wales (© Tim Rooke/Rex Features)
  • Prince William and Prince Harry (© ASSOCIATED PRESS)
  • Barbara Barnes and Prince William (© ASSOCIATED PRESS)
  • Queen Elizabeth II (© REUTERS)
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The responsibility of caring for little royals is not without its pitfalls. The ability to have such a major influence on how royal youngsters are brought up can inevitably lead to clashes within the household.

William’s first nanny encountered problems with Diana. Barbara Barnes, known as Baba, was especially close to William, but Diana was said to be jealous of their bond and felt threatened, dismissing her as nanny when her eldest son was four.

Diana also resented the exuberant Tiggy, who joined the Prince of Wales’s household as his personal assistant in 1993 during turbulent times and is reported to have said of the princes: "I give them what they need at this stage: fresh air, a rifle and a horse. She (their mother) gives them a tennis racket and a bucket of popcorn at the movies."

Diana is said to have started unfounded rumours that Tiggy was having an affair with heir to the throne Charles and also made claims at a staff Christmas party that Tiggy had had an abortion, leading the nanny to issue a lawyer's letter strongly denying the allegations.

Tiggy herself was criticised in 1998 while taking the princes abseiling when 13-year-old Harry was photographed dangling 160ft above a dam without a helmet and proper safety line. But the princes’ devotion to her prevented her from being sacked.

The job of royal nanny offers unparalleled insight into the private life of the Windsors, but not all have kept their experiences secret.