Mon, 20 Aug 2012 09:48:45 GMT | By Frankie Mullin
Which style of yoga is best for you?

Sally Parkes gives you the lowdown

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Fancy taking up yoga but bewildered by the choice? Before you start, here's a guide to the health and fitness benefits of the most popular styles of yoga. Sally Parkes, a London-based yoga teacher who runs regular residential retreats explains: "The following styles of yoga are all Hatha Yoga which simply means yoga that is physical. It's this part of the wider yoga philosophy that has become popular in the West.

Physical yoga is made up of yoga 'asana', otherwise known as yoga postures or poses. The style in which these postures are linked together and taught varies greatly and as a result many styles of Hatha Yoga have developed over the last century.

So here's the lowdown on several of the more popular Hatha Yoga styles.