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Men - 12 ways to boost your fitness fast

Supercharge your fitness levels

Man doing press up (© Chris Ryan/Getty Images)
  • Man doing press up (© Chris Ryan/Getty Images)
  • Man skipping with rope (© Ocean/Corbis)
  • Man playing squash (© REX/Stock Connection)
  • Man on rowing machine (© REX/Cultura)
  • Man doing bench press (© REX/OJO Images)
  • Men squatting with weights in gym (© REX/OJO Images)
  • Man on cross trainer (© REX/I Love Images)
  • Man exercising in snow (© REX/Cultura)
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Whether you’re a self-confessed couch potato or a regular at the gym, every man wants to take his fitness to the next level. Thankfully, supercharging your performance is easier than you might think when you train smart…