Wed, 11 Jan 2012 14:03:26 GMT | By Shilpi Madan, India Syndicate
Fashion waltz

Hail the hues

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"Indigo blue is the hottest colour for the upcoming season,"emphasises fashion designer Nida Mahmood. "Bright solid colours are hot on the circuit, with colour blocking riding as the hottest trend both in solid brights and light shades. Go make a splash with tangerine, acid green, chilly red, sunny yellow and rich aubergine." While silver and gold made a resounding comeback this year, the upcoming palette promises to carry rushes of sobriety teamed with vivacious hues. Says fashion designer Azeem Khan, "Fashion paints a cheerful picture in 2012. All colours will be about expression and personality, not trend and predictability. Tropical turquoise will rule in from a medley of tangerine, lime and canary yellow punctuated with splashes of black."

If you are planning to tie the nuptial knot this year, wedding finery designer Manali Jagtap has a tip for you. "Mauve and peach will be the colours this wedding season. Both colours are sufficiently traditional and yet add a touch of freshness and modernity," she says. "No matter what you choose to wear, you will stand out from the sea of reds and greens."

For fashion designer Maheka Mirpuri, steel grey will be 'it' this year, rising from the melee of orange, brick red, nude and metallic blue.