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Famous men who have shaved it all off

Samuel L Jackson

Samuel L Jackson (© Miramax/Everett/Rex Features/Getty)
  • Samuel L Jackson (© Miramax/Everett/Rex Features/Getty)
  • Andre Agassi (© Marianna Massey/Getty Images)
  • Bruce Willis (© Moviestore Collection/Rex/Getty)
  • Dwayne Johnson (© GARY HERSHORN/Newscom/RTR/Getty)
  • Verne Troyer (© RALPH D. FRESO/ROSE PROUSER/Newscom/RTR)
  • Patrick Stewart (© Alastair Muir/Rex /KEVIN LAMARQUE/RTR)
  • David Beckham (© RTR/PASCAL LAUENER/Newscom)
  • Phil Collins: In the hair tonight (© Redferns/Getty Images/GUS RUELAS/Newscom/RTR)
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Samuel L Jackson will occasionally pull on a wig for a film role, but normally he is as bald as can be. He has spoken about his decision to ditch his once famous afro, saying: "I keep ending up on those bald-is-beautiful lists. It's cool. You know, when I started losing my hair it was during the era when everybody had lots of hair. ... All of a sudden I felt this big hole in the middle of my afro, I couldn't face having a comb over so I had to quickly figure what the haircut for me was."