Fri, 16 May 2014 07:15:00 GMT | By Tanya Fortune
Eight ways to sexy summer legs

Release the legs!

Woman on beach (© Getty Images)
  • Woman on beach (© Getty Images)
  • A woman running (© Andrew Rich/Getty Images)
  • A woman stretching (© knape/Getty Images)
  • Woman doing yoga (© Image Source/Getty Images)
  • Oily fish (© REX/Voisin/Phanie)
  • A woman applying fake tan (© Getty Images)
  • A woman exfoliating her leg (© Ocean/Corbis)
  • Pedicured feet (© Getty Images)
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Release the legs! After the long winter months, it's time to let your legs see some sun. If you are worried about getting them out in public, here is a list of simple but effective ways to prepare them for the grand unveiling.