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Chitrangada Singh up close and personal!

We caught up with the ravishing Chitrangada Singh recently. Click on, for her fashion fundas and top looks

Chitrangada Singh (© Varinder Chawla)
  • Chitrangada Singh (© Varinder Chawla)
  • Chitrangada Singh (© Varinder Chawla)
  • Chitrangada Singh (© Varinder Chawla)
  • Chitrangada Singh (© Varinder Chawla)
  • Chitrangada Singh (© Varinder Chawla)
  • Chitrangada Singh (© Varinder Chawla)
  • Chitrangada Singh (© Varinder Chawla)
  • Chitrangada Singh (© Varinder Chawla)
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We got up close with the sultry Bollywood actress Chitrangada Singh, who was in Bangalore for Myntra's 'Look Good Fashion Icon' event.

With her unconventional looks, caramel skin, melting eyes and smouldering intensity, sometimes likened to that of Smita Patil, Chitrangada Singh is an incredibly hot woman with substance and innate style.

About her style philosophy, Chitrangada says, “I have always believed that fashion is about being comfortable in your own skin and carrying your attire confidently and with panache. With this simple mantra, you can redefine fashion trends and become a fashion diva in your own right."

"In my opinion, fashion is what’s available and style is what ‘YOU’ choose,” she added.

Here are some excerpts from the interview where she dishes out some style and beauty secrets and talks about her future plans:

Describe your personal style

Style is not about how expensive the clothes you're wearing are or which brands they are. Style I think is innate.  Often, we make the mistake of calling someone a style icon by just looking at what they’re wearing and what they can afford.

I think style is a lot about personality. That's not something you can buy.

Bollywood stars who you think are stylish?

I think Salman (Khan) in 'Dabangg' was very stylish. The kind of confidence and aggression he has is original.

How important is it to be fashionable?

It’s important to be fashionable in a certain way, but it's more important to wear your own style. And I don't think that should get lost or mixed with being a style icon.

What takes pride of place in your wardrobe?

You will see a lot of jeans, lots of white, black and grey T-shirts.

Any fashion faux pas you’ve made?

My fashion faux pas was that one time I wore a sequined gown with sequined shoes to an award function. That was the worst thing I ever did. It was too blingy for my liking.

The style mantra you follow?

Less is more for me. Like a lot of times I put on a lot of make-up and then take it off immediately. I like to keep the accessory front simple with heavy and embellished dresses. I like to keep everything simple yet stylish.

How much do you depend on professional styling?

It is very important when it comes to getting ready for certain appearances and events. You need a stylist to create a fresh look for you. They are the ones who go out and source everything, making the whole process easier.

Sometimes you're unwilling to change the way you look and they suggest something which pushes you to experiment a bit. That's the good thing that happens with having a stylist and it makes a lot of difference to how you look.

However, from all the options they give, it's you who choose what you want to wear in the end.

Must-haves in your hand bag?

I'll definitely have a kajal. It's instant make-up for me, which really works. I'll have a Chanel face powder and a couple of lip liners. I don't use mascara; it's just the kajal that works best for me.

Favourite brands?

Chanel and SK-II

Your style icon?

Anne Hathaway. She's versatile, girly, and flirty. I admire the boldness of the characters she plays.

Beauty and hair treatments that works for you?

I never do facials, I don't believe in them. Cleansing is good but not facials. I get tired and bored in the spa. Of course when there are breakouts, acne, I run to the doctor.

I have seen that when I have been regular with my workout, my skin has been good and when I haven't been eating and drinking well, it shows on my skin.

Tips for flawless skin like yours?

Hydration! Hydration! Hydration! It is extremely important to drink enough water, stay hydrated, eat well and work out.

Things most people do not know about you?

That I only have white, black and grey T-shirts in my wardrobe.

Fitness secret?

Kick boxing. I work hard at it. Working out has always been in my family. I don't think we ever woke up later than 7 o'clock and that's been a part of my life. And of course the profession we are in, it's very important to stay fit.

Style tip for summer?

I think one should play a lot with colour. All the bright pops look really nice in summer.  The same goes for the accessories and bags you carry.

So, when do we see you next on screen?

I’m working on a project that will happen only by next year.

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