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Best places to travel solo

Travelling alone? These hot spots are perfect for the solitary adventurer.

Marrakech, Morocco; Costa Rica; Montreal, Quebec (© Getty Images; Getty Images; Handout photo)
  • Marrakech, Morocco; Costa Rica; Montreal, Quebec (© Getty Images; Getty Images; Handout photo)
  • Costa Rica (© Getty Images)
  • Reykjavik, Iceland (© Rex Features)
  • New York (© Lucas Jackson/Reuters)
  • Buenos Aires (© Getty Images)
  • Marrakech, Morocco (© Getty Images)
  • Montreal, Quebec (© Handout photo)
  • Amsterdam (© Jan Scherders/Mood Board/Rex Features)
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It’s no coincidence that Singles Awareness Day (S.A.D.) is celebrated on February 14. S.A.D. defiantly (and humorously) beats the Valentine’s Day blues by encouraging the unattached to mingle with other free agents, family and friends, spoil themselves with gifts, and explore the world on their own. It is clearly on to something when it comes to travel. Toronto-based tour operator G Adventures, for example, has seen a 134-per-cent increase in solo bookings since 2008, says spokesman Tim Chan, with parties of one now representing 40 per cent of customers.

Legal Nomads blogger Jodi Ettenberg has been living this trend since 2008, when the former Montreal lawyer began a solo journey that has taken her to more than 60 countries. She credits blogs, social media and photo-sharing websites for “demystifying many destinations for people who are interested in travelling solo.” Websites like, meanwhile, “provide an easy way to meet others in a new place and bond over a common interest,” she adds.

What advice does Ettenberg have for aspiring solo travellers? Join an organized tour first, she suggests, and then continue on alone if and when you’re ready. “Travelling with a small group in the company of others and a tour leader with local knowledge offers additional peace of mind. The logistics are taken care of so you can focus on enjoying the experience.”

What, then, are Ettenberg’s solo destinations of choice? Read on to find out which made the cut on this worldwide list.