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Are you destined to inherit your mother's body?

Are you set to inherit your Mother's body?

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Genes are a huge factor in determining your body shape and propensity to put on weight. A 1990s study of identical twins discovered that genes are responsible for 80% of your weight and body shape. If your mother is pear-shaped, the chances are that you too will carry weight around your hips.

But it's not just your mum you have to blame - or thank! Of course you carry half your mum's and half your dad's genes, and a father's genes are thought to be particularly responsible for apple-shapes, as men often carry weight in their middle section.

As well as dictating your body shape, how easily you put on or lose weight is a genetic feature that's also inherited. A study published in the International Journal of Obesity found that the lucky people who have "muscular genes" need less-exercise than others to stay slim.

What these studies suggest is that while you may inherit your mother's natural body shape, you aren't powerless against your genes. And while there's little you can do to change the basics - the right diet and exercise plan can help accentuate the best bits of your inheritance.

Discover what your body shape is and how best to maintain it...