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12 surprising ways to a flat stomach

Food and exercise tips to help banish the bloat

Woman with flat stomach with food (© Multiple sources)
  • Woman with flat stomach with food (© Multiple sources)
  • Woman drinking a bottle of water (© Sam Edwards/Getty Images)
  • Woman chewing gum (© Rubberball/Corbis)
  • Woman jogging looking at watch (© Squaredpixels/Getty Images)
  • Woman eating pasta (© Dimitri Otis/Getty Images)
  • Stressed woman (© Paul Bradbury/Getty Images)
  • Woman eating yoghurt (© Jutta Klee/Getty Images)
  • Woman eating celery (© Chris Ryan/Getty Images)
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You exercise and eat a healthy diet – but the belly fat just won’t shift. Sound familiar? If you want to lose weight from around your middle, doing endless sit-ups alone won’t help. Read on for 12 surprising ways to banish the bloat.