Speaking of intriguing footwear, Avantika's black zippered oddities befuddle us. So we stared at them for an extended period of time (15 seconds - beyond that our eyes closed themselves tight and refused to open till we'd shut down the monitor) and came up with some possible sane reasons she chose to wear what she did:

1.She saw the movie, hated it and tried to weasel her way out of the theatre by kicking the chair in front of her. The chair stayed put, but her feet were badly hurt and she was forced to wrap them up in strips that she tore from the inside of that bag she's carrying.

2. She really loves her feet and decided to mummify them for the future. She doesn't care that much for her big toe so she left that one to rot with the vagaries of time and nature.

3. This is part 3 of a really elaborate pedicure. The first two parts include bathing the feet in the milk of virginal black mares and massaging them with chains.

4. She needed something to take the focus off her handbag. FYI, that bag also doubles up a sleeping bag, a parachute and tent to house a party of 8 to 12.