Megan Fox

She is one helluva tattoo lover and has at least seven of them.

One on her back that reads "We will all laugh at gilded butterflies", which has been inspired by a speech made by King Lear to his daughter Cordelia in Shakespeare's King Lear.

The best one among them, a beautiful sketch of Marilyn Monroe, can be seen on her right arm.

A little colourful one just above her right ankle is of a crescent moon on a star.

There's yet another much below her waist - her ex-boyfriend Brian's name.

A tribal tattoo on her left wrist symbolises the overlapping of two waves; the actress isn't too happy with this one and is considering removing it.

At the back of her neck is a miniature Chinese tattoo which is representative of strength.

A seventh tattoo, an inscription "there was once a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her HEART" can be seen on her left rib cage.

There are rumours that the Transformers star, rated as one of the sexiest in the world, has more tattoos on her. Watch this space!