Female Orgasm Techniques: Giving her maximum pleasure.

By Mystic Minx

Is it really so hard to give your woman an orgasm…? Well, many say it’s difficult but many men also claim that it’s very easy…orgasm is the cherry on your cream cake…the grande finale to all that pent up passion!
And I’ve always believed that if it’s important to you guys out there, it’s equally important to us gals out here! And it’s a big myth that women don't enjoy sex as much as men do. That is a FLAT OUT LIE! In most cases, women enjoy sex even MORE than men do! And sadly, that myth exists because: 75% of men don't know how to give women orgasms!
For us women, orgasming is not as easily reached as men. But what many don’t realize is that this does nothing but build sexual frustration. And sexual frustration does tend to manifests itself in many negative ways. And often it ends up with fake moans! Now, we don’t want that do we…because guys, trust us ladies – faking an orgasm is not good news!