Tue, 08 Jun 2010 09:19:15 GMT

Plastic 'wonders'

Rakhi Sawant once famously said that what god doesn't give you, the doctor gives you. Many a Bollywood actress are of the same belief and have taken the help of a plastic surgeon to enhance their natural beauty.

Sushmita Sen

(L) Sushmita Sen at the Miss Universe pageant in 1994 (R) In 2010 as she promotes the I Am She pageant

Sushmita Sen

Husky voiced beauty Sushmita Sen was one of the first in the present line of actresses to go under the knife for cosmetic surgery. Unlike other women who do not admit, Sushmita Sen proudly admitted her boob job and the surgical implants she had had to improve her physical appearance.

Image credit: Reuters, Varinder Chawla/India Syndicate

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