With bronzers flying off shelves, sunkissed is the new pretty. While actresses like Smita Patil and Deepti Naval were once considered an exception because of their complexion, today a growing tribe of sultry beauties like Bipasha Basu, Samira Reddy and Konkona Sen-Sharma are challenging the cult of fairness. Supremely comfortable in her dusky skin, Chitrangda reasons, "Considering the number of Fair and Lovely creams we sell, maybe the masses still prefer the light-eyed, fair girl. But the West celebrates darker skin and that has influenced fashion and cinema in India as well. We have started appreciating dusky beauty. For me it has always been an asset, personally. It takes that much less to make a dusky woman look beautiful!"


Beauty Icon: Aishwarya Rai
Diva Direct: Audrey Hepburn
Diva Direct: Angelina Jolie
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